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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The "bloody furniture"*

Nothing better then having a long weekend to finish some projects. I have been working on one piece of CE furniture for some time and really happy that it’s nearly finished. In the process, I had a quick learning curve about sanding the chair, prime it and even paint a quite cute picture - despite my lacking drawing talent. I found that particular chair in the basement of my boyfriends grandma and she was so kind to give it to me. She was really happy that it will have some good use as it otherwise would have landed in the trash.

My partner also build me an adjustable floor ladder, which I have used with some of my clients and which has contributed to their learning process.

I would like to stress here, that in order to live a conductive lifestyle you do NOT need the CE furniture and I have made so far do with little of it. But in some instances it can serve as a great learning tool during the conductive program, to teach certain skills or break-downs off, I chose not to completely go without. On the other hand I do sometimes purposefully spend time with the client, thinking or assisting the thought process of what to use, in order to learn, apply or practice a certain skill. But as a teacher you some times just need to have your tools handy that you know will work, so you can spend time teaching what you intended.

Making this equipment actually has made me problem-solve and enter unknown territory. I learned overcoming some difficulties along the way, which made the process for me, challenging, at time quite meditative and very conductive.

*that's what Andrew Sutton used to call it. Not sure where to find the original quote.
PS. hope i can upload the pictures soon.