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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You are not alone

As conductor working on your own, it can get quite lonely. Not because I don't have good friends around, a busy work schedule, a great little family of my own, family on skype- because I do. But it gets lonely sometimes as there is not another conductor close by to discuss what happens during the day or ideas for the future or just share this passion for CE. Really those conversations made me learn and rethink my thoughts. I truly miss them.
Lately it doesn't feel quite as lonely as I am able to discuss things with my participants and parents. But even more excitingly conductors and friends of CE started to talk again. I mean I see it everywhere on blogger, facebook publicly and privately, on conference calls and more. Its not only the select few that have been trying to keep up conversation for a while. There are new names popping up. Its really exciting. And everybody please don't stop. There seemed to be a refreshed wind blowing after the conference. So please keep it up. I know it doesn't only help me it helps us all in CE.