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Friday, December 31, 2010

Neues Spiel, Neues Glueck, Neues Jahr. (New Game, New Luck, New Year)

On the eve of a new year it’s usually time to look back on the experience of the past year and looking forward to new endeavors in the next.

New years resolutions have become a tradition in my life, mostly the usual suspects (better diet, better exercise regime, better me). This year on the eve of the beginning of a new year with my new business, it’s more then appropriate to look at where I want to go next with my business. I had the last couple of days of holidays with my friends and family in Winnipeg, time to think where I want to go next. Those are the things my brain has come up with:

• Get website more easier found on google and increase website traffic.
• Make contac with child development centers and rehabilitation places in the greater Vancouver area (Hajni is right you cannot work hiding away, at the same time I’m not expecting too much of it. But you never know, you might find some think- alike people)
• Look into starting a preschool group (definitely a dream of mine)
• Work further on collaborative projects. You know we just have to do it.
• Set up different children and adults groups.
• Increase my knowledge and practice.

There are some things to look forward to, and others not so much. One of those will be Andrew Suttons retirement form the blogsphere. There are a few people who don’t believe it will actually happen. I fear it will. I do wonder if there will be someone else to step up their game? Anyway, good luck Andrew.

And a happy New Year to all.

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