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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


We are slowly or should I say quickly approaching the first Purpose Society/Moving Ahead intensive Conductive Education spring camp. It looks like we are going to be filled up close to capacity. This is very exciting indeed. There are a couple of newbie’s to CE group sessions and a couple of returnees. We only going to have a week with everybody and I hope some old skills can be refreshed as well as new things can be learned. It will be exciting to see how everything comes together and I will do my best to write about it.

We have started to look towards the summer and it already feels like it is just around the corner. Because this is the first summer camp I am going to run out here, I wanted to give people the opportunity to have their say on what we put on. Please visit my website (thanks Ben) to download the dates and details of the proposed summer camps. (scroll down to access the form) and let me know what you think!!!

By April we should know more what is going to be feasible to run and what not. In the meantime I will be looking in different themes, activities and games to ensure that those camps are going to be full of learning opportunities combined with lots of fun.

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