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Monday, January 16, 2012

Smells like CE spirit

I do love when I come across articles that spell out what I was thinking for a long time and have either never seen it in written words or in written words outside some Hari books.

So one of this documents crept up on me this morning on my facebook news feed.

Self-esteem breeds Self-Determination?
Guide towards problem-solving?
Giving meaningful choices?
Create opportunities for communication?
Balance between protective and risk-taking?
High expectation?
Safe opportunities to practice?
Learning skills not linear?
Development of self-help and independent living skill?
Understand students starting point?
Activities in communities?
Genuine involvement with peers?
Support? Encouragement?

This all sounds so familiar. Not sure when I seen those words the last time all in one Reminds me of a project my conductor friend and me once worked on. Time to take it back up, I think.


Relish for more then just Hotdogs:

Here are the scripts for the audiotape (only scanned through it).


  1. What project was that, then?


  2. What a load of crap. It should be illegal for people to make money off of suffering children and their desperate parents. CE is a cultish and destructive way of life many who are SOLD a false bill of goods. Disgusting and vile.