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Monday, October 21, 2013

Finding my own balance

Tempus fugit. This year it seemed to be running especially fast. It feels like it was yesterday that I was counting the first weeks of my pregnancy and now I already have a 4  1/2 month old baby. A little human that above all I love and who loves me back unconditionally. She makes me more aware of each moment and with whom I celebrate firsts on a daily basis. Believe me she has made me more aware of human development and learning, and the preciousness of life then any book or lecture ever could. 

I worked as conductor till the day I gave birth. In fact I had to cancel classes because I was in labor.
I resumed work with my clients fairly quick and returned to run summer camps 2 month later. Additional I have been active with ACENA, where I am serving as a board member since last year.  To say the least I have been busy. 

I was lucky to be attending my first world congress of Conductive Education (more to my experience there hopefully later in a different blog). I considered myself lucky, as it was in my native country Germany and I was able to combine business with pleasure. I  introduced my baby to her grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles. I was also lucky as my partner was able to visit a different part of Germany. 

Not before long my “luck” was leaving me exhausted and my partner not as happy as I hoped he would be.
The title of conference was “rhythm and balance”. I think those days at the conference made me more aware of my struggle with balancing different areas of my life then I have been able to admit to myself before. I was trying, as so many parents do on a regular basis, to have it all. To see all my family and friends, while taking care of my baby, going to the conference and make sure my partner was having a good time too. It was only working to a certain extend.

One presenter at the conference was talking about how parents nowadays have changed and that part of this has to do with the wealth of information that is available through the Internet. This sounded so familiar to me, that it made me realize I am one of those parents now, part of this generation of parents. I, too, spent quite some time on the net, trying to find information that ultimately will help me to take better care of my baby. What I have learned so far is that with all the information that is out there, I pick and chose what I do, depending if it fits with my own believes, is doable with the time I have and is relevant to my family situation. Right there is a lesson learned for me delivering CE and the application of it at home. But really, what I learned for myself during the conference is that I think I feel quite familiar with my new role and that I will spend less time searching. Making use of what I know now and start more acting on it.

So part of this new acting is to try writing things down on this blog. With a bit of luck it will start to be part of my new balance.  But who knows. Being back for a week now things are still pretty crazy and I am still searching for this perfect balance.


  1. Hello Anne
    It was lovely to see you both and it is lovely to read your thoughts again here on the blog.

  2. Thanks Susie. It was great to see you too and extra time would have been great to talk more