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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sister, sister – the international connection!!

I always have been proud of my big sister but now I’m just awfully glad I have her. She has always been the creative/arty person in the family and just finished her degree in creative editing, so she knows how to put designs on paper and then on the computer. And luckily for me she volunteered her skills to help me out to create a business logo and design my business paper head as well as business cards. (The results are soon to come!) Plus she is doing it all from Germany via email and hopefully soon via Skype.

Coincidentally, most comments and well wishes also have been international by the usual suspects. I am thankful for those and of course for the few local ones. I know it is in the early days but it is interesting to see how big geographically and how small density wise the Conductive Education family is. But I guess it shows me that I have to now start focusing more on local networking. First thing on my list is the BC Cerebral Palsy Associations’ annual meeting. I guess those business cards will come in handy…

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