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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An Apple for the teacher

My latest purchase is the new Apple iPhone 4. Im usually not the type who buys the latest technology, but I have been told as s new business owner it's a must. As an apple fan it didn't take too much persuading to actually buy it. I tried to get one for a couple of weeks but no matter where I went it was all sold out. Last week my phone bill came in and due to more business phone calls it was quite breath taking. So I called my phone provider to add more daytime minutes and I was told I could get a cheaper plan with a new phone. I told them my trouble retrieving a iPhone do they advised me to try a apple store. So on Monday the opportunity arose to get one at the apple store, downside was a 7 hour wait. My partner and me went for some sightseeing and 8 hours later I had my iPhone. I had to learn quite quickly my way around newer technology like what a data plan or wifi is and how to work this phone. So two days later I am able to write this blog on my phone riding the skytrain. Gotta love technology.

It does quite a bit more then this and I even downloaded some applications that I'll be able to use for motivational purposes for my program.

Love it!


  1. Its like the a tube in London but its above ground for most of the ride!

  2. How about you use your new iPhone to look at that nice website that I made for you, hmm?