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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lost and found!!

I don’t know how I missed those, but I found a couple of comments on my blog that I haven’t read before.

One is from a conductor who worked here in BC a couple of years ago. But as it is a small conductive world, I have heard about her before (and don’t worry they were only good things;-)) Now it looks like she is trying to build up a CE business (?) by herself in Ireland and I wish her good luck with that. Let me (and possible some more blog readers) know how that goes.

In fact, this is yet another conductor who tries to work independently. I am, as Gill is, interested in how many more of us independent working conductors are out there? I know from a few in North America and a couple in Europe. More by hearsay (small conductive world) then actually knowing those personally. I think we should maybe join forces and get a website (facebook group??), so interested families might be able find us more easily. Just an idea, if there is enough interest it might be worth looking into. Plus, it would be great way to share experiences and see what actually works in means by getter the word about CE out there and what doesn’t. I would love to hear from anyone who would like to share his or her story.

The second post I found was from Viktoria:

“I've had a blog post explaining exactly this for several months; sadly, it's still in my head/hiding as keywords in a note document in one of my electronic devices, patiently waiting for its turn to be written :-) The answer has something to do with the total and tragic great western misrepresentation of CE as a medical intervention/therapy by virtually everyone involved (exceptions apply) and put under scrutiny as such, instead of evaluating it with and comparing it to the given country's regular special education "package" I did vent about this on Andrew's blog a few months ago”

It’s a great comment and it is so true. I think there are a lot of false or untrue statements about Conductive Education out there and crazily come from conductors or Conductive education organizations. The language barrier for sure is a problem (and I know too well how it is, not always being able to precisely express what I mean). Another one is, that CE means different things for different people. I have seen how , even with trying to educate and explain where we come from, CE for some people is an exercise program that increased their range of movements or that does some PT as well as OT in one session. And to be honest it’s not necessary important for them to know any different for where they are in their stage of learning. Sometimes their understanding changes (for the better) the longer they do it like it has for me.

However, in the meantime more confusing statements about CE are published pretty much on a weekly basis (you know if you have those Google alerts knocking on your inbox, too).

Now the question is, how do we change that. This year when ACENA called for a North American Awareness day they also included a media package. Definitely a great idea and I hope there will be more ideas coming out of a CE North American organization like ACENA’s. What else – I am not sure. Someone else? Wonder if this will be discussed at the world congress?

I, for my part, will be waiting for Viktoria to write her blog about it and see where the discussion leads (Sorry, Viktoria, no pressure ;-))

Please do keep those comments and posts coming, I do appreciate it.



  1. Do consider joining ACENA and submitting your business information for inclusion on the Directory:

  2. So, this contactive undulation stuff won't help me deal with those holiday leftovers?

  3. 1. Would you like to convene a SIG (special interest group) on Write to me to tell what you have in mind and open a conversation on this.

    2. It is not just language that impedes understanding. There are deeper factors at work!

    3 This sort of applies to you, I think:


  4. Thanks Anne! It would be great to brainstorm together and to have the odd vent here and there :))! Ireland is quite exceptional- so it seems anyway but it could be the same feeling for others elsewhere- as regards moving or I should say "not" moving ahead. I'm finding it really hard to get the word out both to parents and to professionals. Enable Ireland which is the main state organisation for special needs has its own network of centres nationwide with their "multidisciplinary" teams. The biggest step I have achieved so far was to establish a pretty good working relationship with them in the past years. I can tell you it was a tough job!!! They were extremely resentful of CE for all sorts of reasons but mainly as a result of all the "hype" in the media, and both conductors and parents clearly knocking their work. One big mistake was made whereby the group (management and conductors) I used to work for chose the road of "hiding" away in secrecy literally working behind closed curtains which naturally didn't help with clearing up misconception. Quite the opposite.
    They (said organisation) were in for a real shock when I went in and introduced myself (employed by same group) and suggested of working together. I invited them to come to my sessions (which they never did)but what they did do they invited me to theirs. So I went to as many as I could attend :)! From that point they have invited me to meetings and we have managed to build up a reasonable professional relation. No more no less. Big step in my book!!!!! Who knows one day I might convince them I could run their preschool program! Would looooove that. ;)!Let's just hope it wont be 50 years from now;).
    The other thing I find in Ireland -having worked in a good number of other countries-is what I call the "Great Acceptance". I wonder why it is but parents seem to accept their situation (lack of therapy& services, general outlook on a child's potential) more than I 've ever seen. Yeah there are a few exceptions as always. Does it have to do with the strong catholic upbringing I often wonder? I find the Irish pretty feisty by nature- just wish they were more pro about CE.
    I hope I'm not offending anyone by the above ;)and didn't hijack your post too much.

    Would love to hear from others too!


  5. Kasey - thanks for that suggestion. I have seriously considered joint ACENA. However, it's not in my budget for this year. Maybe next.

    Andrew - I have inquired setting up a SIG and I think that might turn indeed into an interesting group. And I do hope that my practice will be up to the standard of being family orientated, I am trying at least.

    Hajni – Thanks for your detailed comment. I think what you have experienced in Ireland is quite similar to what is going on over here. I think here “Enable Ireland” is quite similar to the child development centre. I have to admit that I have not even tried get in touch with them. One reasons for this is that I know there are professionals who are openly against CE. Another is that the two conductors living around here ( in Seattle and Kelowna) both had very negative experience trying to introduce themselves to them. Another is, that I do not have a program right now I could invite them to. I have thought about it for a while and I decided that until I have a reason to introduce myself (maybe a shared client) I will not bother going there.

    When I worked in Winnipeg we managed to build up some good relationships with other professionals. Having explicit knowledge of the client helps to make professionals understand where you come from.

    I think you make a good point that hiding will not help building a trusting relationship. And you also right that negativity towards other professional from conductors and parents only works counterproductive. I do often disagree with other professionals views, at the same time I appreciate that this is because we work on different skills based on different trainings. I experienced that other professionals who shared this view, are usually more open to listen to suggestions.

    So far I found approaching different support groups has been the most successful for me. Some let me publish some information about CE in their newsletter and some invited me to give presentations. This helped to get the word out for sure and because of this I might have the opportunity to set up a trail group.