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Thursday, November 11, 2010

What difference a day can make

Today started with some great news from overseas; Mauritius in particular. My friend, conductor and computer genius Ben emailed me to say he was done putting up the website. It was very exciting seeing it all come together. It’s been a process that started about two month ago with Ben offering to set up a website. I had a lot of help making my Ginglish make sense. Thanks to James for his hard work and suggestions and my partner for the patience.

So, do check it out for yourself.

The day did get better… I was able to run a small but growing group with three girls and their moms. I meet the latest addition to our group yesterday evening. The family has had a lot of different conductive exposure. The family with Hungarian roots did go to the Peto institute, went to two Canadian CE camps and had hired a conductor before. Selling CE was not necessary, the family knows how good CE is for their child; they have seen the improvements. They have been working with her at home every day trying to teach her new skills, realizing a long time ago that they are responsible for their child. Today, I have made suggestions on what to work on next and I know that the family will try to implement it to their best abilities. And I know it will make a difference and help the family and their daughter grow.
My other more regular clients are showing great improvements, too. In fact they are so unbelievable that we have started to video tape them to have proof we are not crazy

Now, I am doing the paperwork and preparation I need to do for tomorrow’s session, while enjoying the blueberry scones I just made.

It all happened in less then 24 hours and what great one those have been.



  2. I have just looked at your website, Anne, and think it is terrific. Well done! Ben has been helping me too and I think he is a wonderful help to CE by giving us the benefit of his expertise.

  3. Blueberry scones?! Bring some to work! They're not just for donkeys anymore. ..

  4. Thanks Andrew for mentioning my new website in your blog.

    Gill, I totally agree. It's great to have Ben helping out with his IT skills. I know I wouldn't have been able to pull this off.